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Our veterinary surgery is specialized in acupuncture and dentistry for horses. Both, ambulatory treatments as well as advanced interventions in our Equine Dental Center are at your horses disposition.

Besides our special fields, we are also able to offer the whole spectrum of veterinary services of an excellently equipped equine ambulatory practice.

Through most intensive continuous education and and the best available equipment on the market, we can offer your horse a beneficial combination of "high-tech medicine" in the stable and in a clinic like environment as well as a compassionate approach at once.


We are equipped with digital x-ray, ultrasound, bronchoscopes, sinus endoscopes, oral endoscopes and the full range of instruments for both, routine and advanced equine dentistry.

We attach great importance to the cooperation and information of all people involved in the recovery. No examination or treatment step remains unexplained, transparency and intelligibility of our intervention is our maxim.

Our philosophy is, to care for each individual patient carefully and responsibly and as best we can with the current state of veterinary science.
If your horse needs treatment in another specialist field, we see it as our task to refer you to various specialized horse clinics with which we cooperate very well.


Our range of services includes:


  • Acupuncture

  • Purchase and sales examinations

  • Eye exams with the ophthalmoscope

  • Mountain and accident rescue operations, also in cooperation with the fire brigade and police

  • Dermatology (skin diseases)

  • Desensitization therapy for allergic events

  • Endoscopy (bronchoscopy and sinus endoscopy, oroscopy)

  • Emergencies like colic or injuries treatments

  • Training seminars on relevant topics for horse owners

  • Training seminars, online tutorials, wet labs and lectures for veterinarians nationally and internationally

  • Haemolaser therapy

  • Vaccinations, vaccination management with vaccination reminders

  • Implantation of transponder chips for identification

  • Laboratory examinations (in close cooperation with veterinary laboratories and veterinary pathologists e.g. health check, blood count, metabolism, allergy, swab samples, fecal examinations, tumor examinations ...)

  • Lameness diagnostics including diagnostic anesthesia

  • Laser therapy

  • Medical saddle and bitting advice

  • Neural therapy

  • Phytotherapy

  • Mobile digital X-ray

  • Examination and advice during training

  • Ultrasound examinations

  • Equine Dentistry (ambulatory and stationary)

  • We run a state-controlled veterinary pharmacy

  • Etc...


Please do not hesitate to ask should you need veterinary services that are not mentioned above, as weh ave listed only an exemplary offer here.